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We are the leaders in passive voicing filters for guitar, electric bass and other stringed instruments. We've been making the world's best Varitones for years. We have our ears and heads into this stuff, and we've developed a line of Varitones and other passive voicing filters for a variety of applications. So what's so great about passive filtering as opposed to active preamp systems? Passive filtering is cleaner than active EQ. Passive filtering allows the natural character of your instrument to ring true. The EQ changes resulting from passive filtering remain in a reasonable range without drastic changes in perceived overall volume. Often with active systems, you adjust the EQ, and you also have to adjust the volume. With our Varitones and all our other passive filters, the sounds that you love are easily recreated. And last but not least, another advantage of passive filtering is that none of our passive filters require batteries. That's right, a ton of tone control and no battery, and that means a zero failure rate!

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